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Hello guys, my name is Julia, I'm 16 years old and I'm in love with animals.

I am currently studying in the 2nd year of Technical High School in Administration at Etec, but my big dream is to become a veterinarian and in addition to working doing what I love, to be able to somehow contribute and partially dedicate my time to helping those who do not have the financial conditions to provide dignified treatment to your pet.

I recently started a Veterinary Assistant course and I'm more in love with all of this every day. I never liked studying, but when it comes to pets, my mind opens in an inexplicable way and my thirst for knowledge is absurd.

Enough about me and let's get to the point... I created this space to be able to share tips about pets based on my experience as a tutor and also on my learning during my academic journey, and also to be able to learn from the experiences of you readers. , after all, we all have a lot to teach each other.

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